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Sunday, August 14th, 2005
8:16 pm - ME to a T
Advanced Global Personality Test Results
Extraversion |||||||||||||| 56%
Stability |||||||||||||| 56%
Orderliness |||||||||| 33%
Altruism |||||||||| 36%
Interdependence |||||||||||| 43%
Intellectual |||||||||||||||||||| 83%
Mystical |||||||||||||||||||| 83%
Artistic |||||||||||||||||||| 90%
Religious || 10%
Hedonism |||||||||||||||| 63%
Materialism |||||| 23%
Narcissism |||||| 30%
Adventurousness |||||||||||||| 56%
Work ethic |||||||||||| 50%
Self absorbed |||||||||||||||| 70%
Conflict seeking |||| 16%
Need to dominate |||||||||||||| 56%
Romantic |||||| 23%
Avoidant |||| 16%
Anti-authority |||||||||||||||| 63%
Wealth |||| 16%
Dependency |||||||||| 36%
Change averse |||||||||| 36%
Cautiousness |||||||||||| 43%
Individuality |||||||||||||||||| 76%
Sexuality |||||||||||||||| 63%
Peter pan complex |||||||||||||||||||| 90%
Physical security |||||||||||||||||| 76%
Physical Fitness |||||||||||| 44%
Histrionic |||||||||||||||| 70%
Paranoia |||||| 23%
Vanity || 10%
Hypersensitivity |||||||||||| 43%
Female cliche |||||| 23%
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current mood: chipper

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Tuesday, July 5th, 2005
9:52 pm - yayyy
today ryan came over and we went to cunningham falls and swam...sortof.

to get to the falls we went on this really steep trail that was 4/5 of a mile...and it was the freakin cliff trail...even though the other trail leads to the same place...

but one says Lower falls 1/2 mile, and the other says Upper Falls 4/5 of a mile...and me being the brilliant mathematician that i am didnt know which fraction was bigger. god i am terrible at fractions. so we took the upper falls trail which is longer, even though ryan told me that 1/2 was shorter. haha
but it was such a pretty trail because it was worn in the dirt and not gravel like the other one. it was a good workout because it was all up-hill.
those signs are confusing...if you say upper falls and lower falls, im going to assume that theyre talking about 2 different falls. but we came to find out both trails lead to the exact same place.

it was hot as hell and ryan kept wiping his sweaty face on my shirt. haha i didnt really care tho.

than we climbed all the way up to the top of the falls and walked around. and i peed. haha i pee everywhere.

and we went back down and went swimming at the bottom of the falls even though the water was freezing. it felt good though cuz i was really hot from hiking.

then we took the shorter trail to get back, which i didnt like as much as the other one.
but as we were walking i stopped and i was like "whoa do u smell that? it smells like straight shit!"
we took one more step and right next to a tree on the side of the trail was a huge turd. it wasnt an animal turd.
it was a human turd...no animal could have made that monster.
it was sick. it was just chillin in like a cup or something.
it was hilarious.
perfect timing on my part...if i do say so myself.

what can i say...i know my stinks.

haha wuteva.


current mood: curious

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Saturday, July 2nd, 2005
12:14 am - um
i dont know why it posted the last entry twice.
sorry if there was any confusion involved.

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12:00 am - fuckin right biotch
yeah so


i dont remember what ive been doing the past couple of days...

but i can tell you what i did today!

today i woke up and went to bob evans.
i also got 2 plants from lowes...
because i love plants...its like an addiction.

then i went to alyssas and we went to ryans aunts house and swam. except her pool is piss colored and the pump was like exploding.
her house is straight up haunted.

we chilled at his gay uncles house, he has a gay roommate also. but they have the nicest shit...they have like 3 nice cars...and all this awesome furniture...and computers and shit.

but yeah. his uncle let us borrow his silver mercedes...which was sweet. it has am xm radio...all the old people stared at us on the highway.
then we went back to my house and i changed and we went to alyssas...then we picked up erin and were off to the movies.
that last sentence was so stupid.
but i saw batman begins.
but i love that movie, so its all good. i realized that whenever batman looks up, he like tucks his bottom lip under the top one, making it look like he has an overbite covered by his lips. its pretty funny once you realize it.
ryan bass and ross kistler were their, making it extra enjoyable.

umm now im here.
and im tired.
and i started my fucking AP chem summer assignment yesterday...oh my god...


current mood: tired

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12:00 am - fuckin right biotch
yeah so


i dont remember what ive been doing the past couple of days...

but i can tell you what i did today!

today i woke up and went to bob evans.
i also got 2 plants from lowes...
because i love plants...its like an addiction.

then i went to alyssas and we went to ryans aunts house and swam. except her pool is piss colored and the pump was like exploding.
her house is straight up haunted.

we chilled at his gay uncles house, he has a gay roommate also. but they have the nicest shit...they have like 3 nice cars...and all this awesome furniture...and computers and shit.

but yeah. his uncle let us borrow his silver mercedes...which was sweet. it has am xm radio...all the old people stared at us on the highway.
then we went back to my house and i changed and we went to alyssas...then we picked up erin and were off to the movies.
that last sentence was so stupid.
but i saw batman begins.
but i love that movie, so its all good. i realized that whenever batman looks up, he like tucks his bottom lip under the top one, making it look like he has an overbite covered by his lips. its pretty funny once you realize it.
ryan bass and ross kistler were their, making it extra enjoyable.

umm now im here.
and im tired.
and i started my fucking AP chem summer assignment yesterdat...oh my god...


current mood: tired

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Thursday, June 23rd, 2005
11:39 pm - helloooo

today i went to goodwill, among other things. i got some hilarious shirts...

my favorite one says "TAE KWON DO" then underneath has two red guys doing kicks

one other says like dental hygenists or something in the front corner, then on the back it has this badass tooth and toothbrush like on fire. the tooth has sunglasses on, making it badass. its probably the stupidest thing ever.

the last one says dont mess with texas on the back, ill wear it when i go to the rodeo. haha

my favorite part of the day was finding this sweet polaroid camera. its so cool, im completely in love with it. i hope it works. if it does, it was an awesome find cuz i only paid 2.50 for it.

we also went to rugged wearhouse, where i bought some green mesh boy shorts for like 4 bucks, i got a green shirt that has a picture of a cow then underneath the cow it says "tippin'". ill let you figure it out. and some other stuff

we went to ritas and to the bon ton and boscovs...and im starting to hate department stores even more now. i shuddered when i went into the juniors department with my sister.

i cant wait to get film for my camera. it costs a shitload though.

oh yeah! i went to see batman begins with my mom and dad. i love superhero movies. i liked this one.

i got some books from the library too. one is called "the oracle betrayed" and the other is called "the ear the eye and the arm" both fiction. they both are set in africa too, strange. the oracle one is in egypt and the other in zimbabawe.

but yeah.
i decided that i love fantasy books. i just read this book called "the troll king" and thought of emmy the whole time...lol...but i loved it. but then again, i like anything that entertains me.

so if you need something to get me for my birthday, i would suggest a fantasy story, or some polaroid 600 film. haha even though my birthday isnt till the end of next month...i figured i would help you guys plan ahead.
haha later

current mood: excited

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Wednesday, June 22nd, 2005
10:24 pm - oh yes, i have a myspace.

the last few days have been unfortunately uneventful...ryan came over a couple times...

and uhh...i honestly dont remember.

i went to bob evans for breakfast this morning

and that was probably the most fabulously delicious part of my day.
i also played some tennis

and ran through a cornfield.

i had an urge...

but anyway!

no im done actually.

over and out.

current mood: satisfied

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Saturday, June 18th, 2005
10:56 pm - hey pal
yeah so today was excellent. i woke up at like 10, i just thought id tell you that cuz its very important...
but yeah...me amanda went to the movies at like 12...haha it only cost like 6 bucks, guess what we saw...
only the coolest movie ever...called "shark boy and lava girl".
man was that a winner.
haha we only did it cuz it was 3D and we got those sweet 3D glasses. there was this annoying ass guy behind us, and the movie was probably the stupidest thing ive ever seen. it was absolutely hilarious though, i loved it. its a kids movie and there were a bunch of 7 year olds in there watching it with us...but thats ok, cuz thats about where my maturity level is anyway.
after the movie we got ice cream then i went home.
then ryan came over and we hung out for a little then went to the mudd puddle. stillglow was there and they are awesome, much love to them.
i liked the music, but what sucked was that there was this huge fat guy next to me with mondo B.O...
but after stillglow played we went to ritas, i saw sarah eitner and katie walsh working there. ryan is retarded cuz he doesnt know how to order anything.
we ate in his car and there was this lady next to us that was bitchin at this cool old guy, and we wanted to smack her. she was fat. mean and fat are the worst two qualities when combined, and she was both...
haha that was so mean.
i dont have anything against fat people, unless theyre mean or they smell.
but yeah
then we went back to the mudd puddle but got slightly lost on the way
and watched another band that i liked but ryan kinda didnt.
now im home.
oh yeah! sorry i didnt call u back jess but i knew u didnt have ur cell and i didnt want to call ur moms cuz it was late and i didnt want to wake anyone up. too bad we couldnt hook up with you know who.
PEACE!(for real this time)

current mood: sublimated

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Thursday, June 16th, 2005
12:37 pm
ill just continue the last entry...

6/14- alyssa spent the night once more and we took a bunch of rediculous pictures. the boys were supposed to sneak out and come over but they didnt cuz 7 drunk guys ended up wanting to come over, and garrett was worried that something bad would happen...so they never came.
6/14-my friends mom came over and unfortunately she brought her children with her. i hate those kids, theyre so bad...they are the reason i dont like kids. but anyway...we made up this thing called the "dilly zone" and we said that if you didnt know what a dilly was you couldnt enter the dilly zone, but they would like try to be all bad by like putting their feet in the zone and shit like that...so alyssa bitched at them it was hilarious. one of the girls ran outside to her mom and was all like half crying and she goes "they wont let me in the dilly zone!!!" hahaha then one of them came in my room and alyssa pushed her out the door and slammed it. man that kid deserved it...then we peed on sarahs clothes because she took them off to get in the pool with her bathing suit. mah ha haa we peed on her clothes! it was sweet. me and alyssa went butt tanning...i think my ass got burnt actually, which sucks. we played in the pool and dropped her off at like 5...josh webb came over...we made this huge cookie and it was really good, josh kept eating it and i couldnt keep him away from it...he said it was calling his name. we ate outside and my dogs started fighting and i think dog fights are probably one of the scariest things ever. we went swimming...fed the fish in the pond...went out in the boat and took the inner tube out there. the mud smelled like shit, it was sickening...but we went out to the middle and floated in the tube. josh swims like a caterpillar!
6/15-so far today me and my mom played tennis. my tennis was a little off today, i was terrible...i almost hit a car on pine tree road...and i think ryans coming over later
call me if you desire

current mood: flirty

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Monday, June 13th, 2005
8:45 pm - well hey!
man i havent updated this shit in forever. i guess since its summer ill have more time to do crap like this.
oh yeah, ITS SUMMER!!!!
today is officially the 4th day of summer so i do believe its time for a...
so here we go.
thursday wasnt really a summer day, because we had school...but ill start from then anyway.
6/9-so on thursday at school this thing called "scales and tails" came to biology, which is just where they bring like owls and snakes and turtles in to show the class. but anyway...ms. loverock got out this like barn owl or something...and it was getting ready to fly so it shat right on a desk to make itself lighter i guess. haha it was sick. the shit was all like brown and yellow. so as if that wasn't good enough...after the demo was over, J.Rog went and sat in it.
what an idiot. haha he all tried to play it off like nothing happened...but then when i asked him if he sat in shit he was like oh yeah its just a little stain...and he turns around and theres this like mondo sized stain on his ass.
gotta love J.Rog.
then we had the chem final, then we watched Monty Python and the holy grail(love it) , and uhh 4th period was stupid.
but after school i went to alyssas, i pissed on her brothers pillow, ryan and gleason came over...then we went to ryans party. me, michaela, hanna, alyssa, and erin went swimming without tops, but it was dark so no one could see anything anyway...and i madeout with luke a couple of times.
then i spent the night at alyssas with alyssa and erin
6/10-my dad's birthday!! but he was at work...so i had casey over and then alyssa and garrett came over a little later...i went to sturdy's party that night and sam schan called me a slut and said that i was all over austin, when all i did was sit next to him...so that was interesting. it caused a lot of shit. but anyway...
6/11-on saturday i went on a float trip down the monocacy river with alyssa, my sister, my sisters annoying ass friend kelsey, and my dad. we floated down the river on inner tubes.it was pretty fun. then me alyssa and POOK went to the woodsboro carnival and stole shit from this old guy cause he was a dick. they spent the night.
6/12-i think me and alyssa just hung out at the pool yesterday, its sad that i dont remember. but i do know that i peed on some dead carnival fish. oh yeah... i went to my sisters retarded dance recital...and at the end i randomly saw michaela like in the bathroom. haha that was strange. alyssa spent the night yet again.
6/13-my sister had a party and me and alyssa tormented all the children. there was this one kid that looked like tarzan when he was little, so we called him tarzan. david clarks little brother was there and his names curtis, so we called him curty. curty and tarzan wouldnt get in the pool so i picked up tarzan and ran him out to the pool and jumped in with him. then me and alyssa tried to get curty out put he flipped over in this chair that my sister has and it looked like he was hiding in a turtle shell. so i sat on him and he ran...but alyssa tripped him, he fell, scrambled to his feet, rolled over the bed, and fell off onto my sisters stereo. it was the funniest shit ive ever seen. i made a shirt that said "lifeguard from hell" and alyssa made one that said "chelsea's lifeguard" and on the back it said "consentrayshun kampp" haha i hate children. then we told all the little 7th graders that a "dilly" was a slimy frog penis, and told them that curty had a dilly. hahah then i went up to curty and was like "show me ur dilly" then he called me like stapid or something, no not stupid, stapid, so i was like...I DONT CARE IF IM STAPID! NOW SHOW ME UR DILLY!
it was great. i love you alyssa...ive spent every day of summer with you...thats rediculous.
what a long entry.
peace to my peeps.

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Tuesday, May 24th, 2005
9:47 pm - ugh
today is my sisters birthday...guess what she got

a new computer!!
its not only better than mine, but she got hers a whole year earlier than i did, and she got a new printer to go with it!! :0D ! the printer has a built in scanner and copier, and its also better than mine :0D !

she gets anything she wants, and shes a total bitch.

she doesnt appreciate anything and she doesnt do shit unless shes gonna get paid for it.

if my dad asks me to help him with something he knows im gonna do it...im not gonna ask how much im gonna be paid for it before i agree to do it, unlike my sister.

she gets an allowance for doing the laundry (which she does a shitty job at might i add) and i help my dad every week, which is much harder work than the freakin laundry, its like physical labor...and i also mow the lawn every week, but i ask for nothing.

i did get a blazer though, which i am in love with, but my dad can write it off on his taxes as his business equipment...so hes pretty much gonna get that money back.

i guarantee you chelsea will get a brand new car when shes like 14...

cuz shes a spoiled brat!

current mood: envious

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Monday, February 21st, 2005
7:13 pm - this weekend
i was grounded this weekend so i couldnt go anywhere i could only have people over.
so friday i slept from like 5pm till like 430 am...i have never slept for that long ever
then saturday i made some money with my dad...and lance came over that night and we played twister.
i suck ass at twister. he beat me like every time.
my dad offered lance a beer haha and lance thought it was a trick question and he thought that if he said yes then my dad would be like WRONG ANSWER DIRTBAG! LEAVE MY HOUSE NOW!!!
but he said yes anyway...then he offered lance some wine and he had that too.
he didnt even offer me a beer, eff that.
yeah then we kissed and he left.
but sunday uhhh my cousin came over and uhhh i dont remember
but today...oh dear. today was obsurd.
well i wanted to hang out with jerrid and ryan cuz they were chillin at jerrids...so they couldnt come over here and all of a sudden i was like OK WERE COMING OVER THERE IN 20 MINUTES!!! he was like ok we can go BOWLING!!
so me and jessica got speed ready in like 2 mins
then we went to jerrids and he drove us to the bowling alley cuz he has his permit...
lol we played one game and
we sucked ass, but i was the only one who got a strike, boo yah.
lol this one time jess was rolling the ball backwards like under her legs, it looks like its goin into the gutter but all of a sudden it curves like perfectly and knocks all the pins down. it was the coolest thing ive ever seen.
then we went back to jerrids and watched the goonies, it was sweet

but yeah so jessicas step mom and dad went to florida so shes stayin here for the next 3 days. its gonna be a rockin good time.

peace out.

current mood: incubussy

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Saturday, February 19th, 2005
5:59 am
yeah i like just woke up
i have the weirdest sleeping patterns cuz i fell asleep like at 530 when i got home...
now i cant fall back to sleep.

yeah so sarah klipp confronted me today about what i wrote about her in my journal.
it was cool of her to confront me about it instead of talking shit about me behind my back or spreadin a rumor about me-like i know some other people would...thats why i said thanks sarah, you gave me a weird look when i said it so i just wanted to clear that up.
but yeah i was just mad at the time when i wrote it i can see why u are offended so sorry about that.
it just gets annoying when vanessa asks me every day if we are going out and even tho i repeatedly say no, she still asks and she still says u want to know...so u would probably be annoyed too.
but it was wrong of me to write that, i wasnt thinking and i was just mad.
and when i said "i hate people" it wasnt directed towards you alone because i hate people in general, especially the ones in our school.

yeah i cut my hair today. lol just some pieces in the back that were all split endy cuz they were annoying me. you cant tell tho.
i have a B in chemistry because i didnt turn in this one lab...that sucks, but it will be and A in no time, lol.
labs are like 99.9 percent of our grade so i guess the one i didnt turn in was kindof important, but ill figure it out.
maybe ill call lance today.
by the way im grounded from going anywhere this weekend, but people can still come over...so hit me up about that.

i think im going to start making my entries "friends only"
because more people than i thought are reading my journal...
i remember when a bunch of 9th graders were reading it, and i didnt even know who they were.
thats just weird, some people are just nosy i guess

man i had a really weird dream.
i dont remember all of it tho.
it had something to do with a dollar store guy with long hair molesting me or something, and then i think my grandma was in it....
and then i was at this weird house.
but i usually dont have dreams and i have been getting them lately...
its kindof strange

current mood: restless

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Wednesday, February 16th, 2005
7:13 pm - lol
yeah so for the past 2 days me and ryan have been taping our advertisment project for english.
were advertising a video that teaches u karate lessons.
i wont tell u all about it, but its effin hilarious.
i will tell u after we show it in school so it wont ruin the surprise.
yeah ryans the coolest we spent our whole english period like kicking and tripping eachother in the hallways.

i usually hug jerrid at the end of the day just because, and sarah klipp like freaks out every time cuz shes obsessed with him. it makes me so mad.
shes all like omg are they going out?!?!?! and vanessa asks me like every day.
its extremely annoying.
i hate people..

but anyway....art club is cancelled tomorrow...maybe i will just do something else and pretend that art club is still happening since im grounded and all that.

yeah thats a good idea...

haha today me and steph were gonna eat outside so we like snuck out the door...but then steph said she saw a teacher coming down the hallway so she like hid behind the wall with me and we were like whispering and stuff even tho that like didnt help it at all...lol we were all scared and i was like "maybe we should go hide!!"
but then we were like...uhhh yeah its kinda cold out here...lets go back.

so we just ended up eating in the stupid cafeteria anyway.


current mood: tired

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Sunday, February 13th, 2005
12:20 am - hallo
yes friday was excellent
went to the mudd puddle and met lance there and i have the biggest crush on him.
so that was such a good night
except that my mom was pissed and she almost grounded me...

but yeah saturday night i went to stephs and looked at pictures, lmao.
we listened to that hilarious tape we made and steph cooked for us. then we watched this crazy cool italian movie and i loved it. the love and anarchy one, i didnt get to see all of it cuz my parents picked me up at like 930...that sucked...

but yeah hopefully tomorrow will be eventful....


current mood: optimistic

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Thursday, February 10th, 2005
8:17 pm - mah mah mahhh
You scored as Mushrooms. Shrooms! You're still goin for one of the most natural drugs. You'd like to visit a whole other world, and see things you've never seen before. Fucking trippy.
















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soooo anyways.

last weekend i didnt do a lot...went to jessicas for the superbowl

but didnt watch much of it...

we spent our time couch diving and listening to her red headed cousin freestyle.


this week i finally put an end to driver's ed....i got a 94 on the final.
hells yeah

eehh i dont remember what else happened this week

u can comment if u remember something ive forgotten

oh yeah
im gonna make a shirt that has a picture of the earth on the front

and its gonna say R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

and on the back it will be like:
Stop polluting
Plant a tree
Conserve energy

yeah i havent totally planned it yet.
if u guys have ideas for any of the letters u can tell me

i love you

current mood: caring

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Wednesday, February 2nd, 2005
10:17 pm - stole this from trix
20 things i love<3 in no particular order

1.those people u wish you could be around all the time
2.bright colors
3.laughing till you cry
4.summer sunshine
5.marine life
6.candid photos
11.living in the moment
12.acting stupid with friends
13.inside jokes
15.lava lamps,tie dye 60's and 70's stuff
16.those people who dont care what everybody thinks
17.meeting new people
18.jewelry, especially when u make it yourself

20 things i hate

1.people who dont care about the environment
2.when people chew loudly
3.when people borrow stuff and dont give it back
5.r&b and whiney pop punk
6.materialistic people
7.those people who look good all the time
9.sweating a lot
10.when pictures turn out shitty
11.people who constantly want help
12.those people who think theyre funny but they arent *cough emily campbell cough*
13.bad hygene
14.liking someone who doesnt like you back
15.being cold
18.manual labor
19.nosy people
20.people who dont comment on my lj hint hint

current mood: extremely horny

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Sunday, January 30th, 2005
10:04 pm - this weekend was insane
yeah so i pretty much had a brilliant weekend.
friday night i went to generation next with ally and jess
i met lance there too
josh and charlie and mike voorhis and a bunch of other people were there too so that was cool
i was sad when lance had to leave but u know how that goes
then ally and jess went back to my house and steph and hanna met us there
we all spent the night in my room with my dog and we are now the official spice girls
we watched this like spice girls home video that i had and it had music videos on it...and there was this one where they were superheroes...and they all had names so now...
ally: sporty spice is aka katrina high kick
jessica: ginger spice is aka trixie firecracker
me: scary spice am aka blazin bad zula
hanna: baby spice is aka kung fu candy
and steph: posh spice is aka midnight miss suki

i know she doesnt wanna be posh, but with the suki shit we had to give it to her.
cuz suki is simply magical.
yeah steph and hanna fell asleep on my bed, but the remaining 3 spice girls made up a spice handshake
sang songs from our childhood
and jess downloaded hilarious ringtones of those songs.
steph walks in the next morning..."and thats me" lmao

but yeah the next day we went to california tortilla (pronounced tor-till-uh) to see good ol charlie boy lol but before we got there we were all namin all the shops and we were like yeah cool cool! and then steph is just like...THE CLEANERS! OH YESSS!!! lol
but charles gave us all slips to get free burritos so the only shit we had to pay for was drinks, but i had my own big ass water bottle so i didnt even have to pay for that.
lmao when u get a free burrito they had to announce it, and there were 4 of us so this is what it sounded like:
yeah i think everybody in that place was starin at us.
while we were eating the burritos stephanie was all like mad about hers cuz it tasted like iron or something and shes like
this burrito is a rip off!!!
and i was like, IT WAS FREE!!!
lmao then shes like, well it has too much mayonaise on it!!!
ok steph, too bad they dont put mayo on mexican food.

but you know thats cool.
then we went to coldstone and got this cheesecake good stuff.
we went to starbucks and ate it
then we walked to walmart and spent like an hour and a half in there.
ok we found this like big ass teddy bear and called it little fish...lol u guys know why.
so we went to the sporting goods place, put a camo hat, a life jacket and a paddle on this teddy bear...and ally like pretended to kiss it and stuff. it was cool.
then we had to look for this fuel pump hose for my dad...? that was unsuccessful...so we headed to the fish department

theres never anyone there to help u with the fish, so we just helped ourselves :0D !!

lol we spilled water all over the floor and shit but we eventually got the fish we wanted
then this lady came up behind us and we thought she was all pissed...cuz she goes...are you girls actually getting these or are u just fishing?!!
then we were like well theres never anyone here to help us and she was like yeah well...could u fish me out some too?!
lol so we got her fish for her.
we tried on some ugly clothes and we were bouncin those big ass balls and shit...and steph got this pack of condoms and put it on this childrens play horse...lol trojan...get it...?

then we paid and left and the fun was over
lol but i went to jessicas after that and we made a spanish song and i did this drawing of allison mchenry its so perfect lol u can see it in joshs live journal
yeah we chilled with charlie and lance
lance is so hott. man i love spendin time with him
but yeah we had a little kiss at the end
but i am retarded.
jessica, i am a transit bus in bed. lmao

ummm then today i went to taco bell and did homework and played rummy-o with gma.

now im here. and i have the biggest crush on lance.
lol uhh
goodnite- girl power forever-

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Tuesday, January 25th, 2005
11:52 pm
A is for age: 15
B is for booze: the kind where u dont have to drink a lot of it to be drunk.
C is for career: full time redneck
D is for dad's name: Brian Howard Young, how englishly boring.
E is for essential items to bring to a party: a camera to remember the parts that u had forgotten about...for some reason...
F is for favorite song at the moment: that spanish sublime song, i dont know the name but it starts out, no importa que se lleva, porque todo se quitarra...and so on and so forth
G is for girlfriend: well i wish, but i like to play da fields u know, pimpin. once i had 7 girls on me at one time, now 7 girls doin they thang can tickle anybodys fancy ill tell u hwhat!
H is for hometown: WOODSBERRY!!
I is for instruments you play: my nose. lmao kels...SNOT WARS
J is for jam/jelly you like: strawberry that my mom makes
K is for kids: yeah i hate kids, but 17 of em have popped outta me over the years and now theyre livin with me in the trailor!
L is for living arrangements: with my family in the most boring nowhere place in the world...if i screamed bloody murder out here i dont think anyone would know.
M is for mom's name: Tina Irene Petrohilos...im with ya steph, i got ripped off of my moms cool greek name.
N is for name of your best friend: i dont have one best friend, but if i had to choose id say kels or erin
O is for overnight hospital stays: none! mutha fuckas cant get me down..
P is for phobias: ski slopes, public sledding hills, the ice skating rink...pretty much everything that involves winter sports and large groups of people in the same place
Q is for quote you like: "A wasted day is that in which we have not laughed"
R is for relationship that lasted longest: j-o-s-h
S is for sexual position: probably doggy style. haha umm i cant say im experienced enough to answer this question wholeheartedly...
T is for time you wake up: supposedly 6:30 but you know it varies
U is for unique trait: i have deformed ribs, lmao most of u have seen them, or that picture kelsey has lmao lmao
V is for vegetable you love: i do like spinach,potatoes,and carrots, but not as much as the one and only triple A double C, you figure it out.
W is for worst trait: that i am not openminded about experimenting with winter activities. haha other than that i dont know, i tend to lead guys on sometimes but i have tried to avoid it, um people like to make up rumors about me in this school so maybe theres somethin im not quite catching onto...
Y is for yummy food you make: probably meatballs. or pastichi
Z is for zodiac sign: cancer...my most compatible sign is a gemini so hit me up if thats you...this greek shit works on me im tellin ya.

im gonna go take a shower, have a good night...or morning..?

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Saturday, January 22nd, 2005
7:52 pm - carlyeeeee
yeah so i just talked to carlye online today for the first time
and our convo started out with talkin bout david, but that had to end.
haha just look
And Carlyes Like: well hotdamn
And Carlyes Like: oh god how redneck was that
KarmaRose4722: haha
KarmaRose4722: u havent met my dad
And Carlyes Like: haha
KarmaRose4722: hes redneck like to the max
And Carlyes Like: is he a redneck to the max
And Carlyes Like: HAHAHA OMG
KarmaRose4722: AHHH
And Carlyes Like: twinnnsss
KarmaRose4722: holy shit
KarmaRose4722: lmao
And Carlyes Like: that was weird as shit
And Carlyes Like: haha
KarmaRose4722: haha most def
KarmaRose4722: i think ill put that in my lj
KarmaRose4722: just because
KarmaRose4722: it was weird as shit
And Carlyes Like: haha i think i will too
KarmaRose4722: deal

that was so not planned
we both said "to the max" within like half a second of eachother.
that was some crazy shit

i hate snow

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